Surprise Central Park Proposal | Claudia + Jorge


When Jorge called me early in the morning looking for a videographer because he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend Claudia later that day I was excited because I always wanted to film one. Here is the backstory, Claudia and Jorge knew each other for over 11 years but recently started dating. He told me she was here from Mexico on vacation with her family, but little did she know Jorge decided to come along on the trip. He decided the proposal would happen in Central Park.

How it went down

Claudia's sister was in on the surprise so we kept in constant communication with her. We would leave Jorge's suitcase as a marker so she would know where to go. We then asked a stranger in the park to give her a bracelet that belonged to her that Jorge has kept for many years. Watch to see the rest unfold

I am honored to capture their proposal , while it differs from weddings, Love is Love and I enjoy capturing the moments.